View EO 12866 Meeting 1840-AD57

  Gainful Employment (1840-AD57); Financial Responsibility (1840-AD64); Standards of Administrative Capability (1840-AD65); Certification Procedures (1840-AD80); Ability to Benefit (1840-AD51)


  Proposed Rule Stage

  03/30/2023 01:00 PM

  Arizona College of Nursing   Nick Mansour

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List of Attendees Participation
•   Levon Schlichter  - ED Teleconference 
•   Nick Mansour  - Arizona College of Nursing Teleconference 
•   Michael A. Negron  - EOP/WHO Teleconference 
•   Laura McFarland  - OIRA Teleconference 
•   Carmello Libassi  - ED Teleconference 
•   Scott Prince  - ED Teleconference 
•   Joe Massman  - ED Teleconference 
•   Sophia McArdle  - ED Teleconference