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  Pesticides; Agricultural Worker Protection Standard; Reconsideration of Several Requirements


  Proposed Rule Stage

  08/06/2018 03:00 PM

  Child Labor Coalition/National Consumers League, Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs   Reid Maki

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List of Attendees Participation
•   Danielle Jones  - OIRA In Person 
•   Mel Peffers  - EPA AO-OP In Person 
•   Peter Smith  - EPA In Person 
•   Kevin Keaney  - EPA OPP-CWPB In Person 
•   Kathy Davis  - EPA OPP-CWPB In Person 
•   Nancy Fitz  - EPA OPP-CWPB In Person 
•   Jeanne Kasas  - EPA OPP-CWPB In Person 
•   Jennifer Park  - EPA OPP-CWPB In Person 
•   Ana Revira-Lupianez  - EPA OPP-CWPB In Person 
•   Patricia Parrott  - EPA OPP/FEAD In Person 
•   William Jordan  - Environmental Protection Network In Person 
•   Reid Maki  - Child Labor Coalition/National Consumers League In Person 
•   Leah Fine  - OMB In Person 
•   Tabby Naqar  - SBA In Person