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  The Safer Affordable Fuel–Efficient (Safe) Vehicles Rule for Model Years 2021-2026 Passenger Cars and Light Trucks


  Final Rule Stage

  02/10/2020 02:00 PM

  Environmental Defense Fund   Alice Henderson

List of Documents
NGO Response to Alliance-Global Comment
Peer review procedure -- supplemental comment (8.27.2019 FINAL)
Peer Review Substance Supplemental Comment (8-23-2019 FINAL)
Supplemental Comment on New Climate Science Developments - final draft
List of Attendees Participation
•   Chandana Atchanta  - OMB/OIRA In Person 
•   Tim Mullins  - DOT Teleconference 
•   Sharmayne Jones  - DOT Teleconference 
•   Julia Burch  - EPA Teleconference 
•   David Shody  - DOT Teleconference 
•   Martha Roberts  - Environmental Defense Fund In Person 
•   Matthew Littleton  - Donahue, Goldberg, Weaver & Littleton In Person 
•   Alice Henderson  - Environmental Defense Fund Teleconference 
•   Chet France  - SELF Teleconference