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1219-0148 Supporting Statement PDS CMMs Final Rule ROCISED.docx 12/05/2014

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Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
Eslinger, Mark
AB65-2COMM-27 Eslinger Black Panther Mining.pdf
General Safety Manager Five Star Mining, Inc. Letter Simple 11/28/2011 11/28/2011
Gonet, Phillip
AB65-2COMM-31 Gonet Illinois Coal Assoc.pdf
President Illonis Coal Association Letter Simple 11/28/2011 11/29/2011
Shaw, Ernal
AB65-2COMM-20 Shaw Bowie Resources.pdf
Safety Manager Bowie Resources, LLC Fax Simple 11/23/2011 11/23/2011
Burggraf, Charles
AB65-2COMM-21 Burggraf Peabody.pdf
Senior VP Peabody Energy Letter Simple 11/22/2011 11/22/2011
O'Dell, Dennis
AB65-2COMM-16 ODell UMWA.pdf
Administrator United Mine Workers of America Letter Simple 11/02/2011 11/02/2011
Moore, J. Todd
AB65-2COMM-24 Moore Consol.pdf
Director of Safety- Coal Operations Consol Energy Inc. Letter Simple 11/28/2011 11/28/2011