ICR Documents

Document Date Uploaded
CMS-10500 Supporting Statement A.docx 07/29/2021

Document Date Uploaded
CMS-10500 - Supporting_Statement_B.docx 07/26/2021

Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
Crosswalk OAS CAHPS Crosswalk of Changes to Survey-CATI-Web.pdf Supplementary Document 07/26/2021
Response to Comment Document Responses to Public Comments-OAS CAHPS_MI.docx Supplementary Document 07/26/2021

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
Briggs, Don
7.09.2021 #1_RDG_CM_Incoming Mail.pdf
Letter Simple 04/18/2021 05/18/2021
Fanning, Jon
OAS CAHPS Comment.pdf
Chief Executive Officer American Association of Nurse Practitioners Email Simple 06/21/2021 06/21/2021
Young, SM
John Marshall Email Simple 06/17/2021 06/17/2021