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Supporting Statement 1235-0015 Clean Updated 4.21.23.docx 04/21/2023

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Title Document Document Type Date Uploaded
BLS Employment Situation empsit Jan2023.pdf Supplementary Document 03/13/2023
Summary of Changes to WD-10 platform ChangeSummary edits.docx Supplementary Document 03/13/2023
60-day FR Notice 60-day FR Notice 1235-0015 (87 FR 36152).pdf Supplementary Document 03/14/2023

Author Name Comment Document Author Affiliation Sponsoring Org. Type Category Date of Comment Date Comment Received
Driscoll, Timothy
BAC comments re Proposed Revisions to WD-10 forms (8-15-2022).pdf
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Letter Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Baldacci, Drew
Climate Pros.pdf
Climate Pros Email Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Bragg, Nathan
Davis Bacon suggestions bragg.pdf
Spartanburg Housing Email Simple 08/09/2022 08/09/2022
Brubeck, Ben
ABC_DOL-WHD_WD-10 Proposed Changes_08.15.2022.pdf
Associated Builders and Contractors Other -- Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Inoue, Gina
Contract Furnishers of Hawaii Email Simple 06/10/2022 06/10/2022
Mannion, Brad
2022_ Aug 15_NAHB Comments Report of Construction Contractor's Wage Rates_Information Collection Request.pdf
National Assn of Home Builders Other -- Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Clark, Timn
local 421.pdf
Local 421 Email Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Sikorski, Ronald
IUOE- WD-10 Comment FINAL86.pdf
International Union of Operating Engineers Letter Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Leonardi, David
UA local 421.pdf
UA local 421 Email Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Aguilar, Esmeralda
North America's Building Trades Unions Letter Simple 08/12/2022 08/12/2022
Quam, Matt
Proposed Revision Change Comments Davis Bacon Quam.pdf
FRANA Email Simple 08/12/2022 08/12/2022
Tzec, Hugo
Intl Union Op Engineer Local 12.pdf
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 12 Letter Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Other -- Simple 02/05/2023 02/05/2023
McCarron, Douglas
UBC Comments ICR CN1235-0015 8-10-22.pdf
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America Letter Simple 08/10/2022 08/10/2022
Kuhaulua, Grifford
Truck drivers Tj Gomes .pdf
Email Simple 08/11/2022 08/11/2022
Renaud, Allison
Just a general comment about the WH347 Renaud.pdf
HK Solutions Group Email Simple 08/08/2022 08/08/2022
Stout-Tabackman, Leslie
FTBA Comments - 8-15-2022.pdf
Florida Transportation Builders Assn Letter Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
WD-10 Comments Final August 15 2022 SMART SMACNA.pdf
SMART SMACNA Other -- Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
O'Sullivan, Terry
LIUNA Comments_Control Number 1235 0015.pdf
LIUNA Other -- Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Detwiler, Kristina
DOL Survey Letter WSBCTC.pdf
Washington State Building and Construction Trades Letter Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Detwiler, Kristina
DOL Survey Letter SBT.pdf
Seattle Building and Construction Trades Council Letter Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Poulos, Marc
2022.08.12 - III FFC Comment to WHD.WD-10 form.Control No. 1235-0015.pdf
Indiana Illinois Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting Letter Simple 08/12/2022 08/12/2022
Todd, Jason
IEC Comment Re Report of Construction Contractors Wage Rates.pdf
IEC Letter Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Burger, Christopher
Intl Assn Bridge Reinf. Iron Workers.pdf
Intl Assn of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers Letter Simple 09/09/2022 09/09/2022
Butler, Aaron
UA local 469.pdf
Business Manager UA Local 469 Email Simple 08/15/2022 08/15/2022
Trujillo, Thomas
US DOL WHD Public comment from the IBEW LU 611.pdf
IBEW Local 611 Email Simple 08/12/2022 08/12/2022