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3060-1158 201608-3060-005
Historical Active 201407-3060-003
Transparency Rule Disclosures, Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet, Report and Order on Remand, Declaratory Ruling, and Order, GN Docket No. 14-28, FCC 15-24 (Fixed Broadband Disclosures)
Revision of a currently approved collection   No
Approved with change 12/15/2016
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 08/11/2016
OMB approves fixed broadband disclosure ICR for three years. Prior to renewal, 1. FCC will continue to refine its current fixed disclosure requirements and methodologies for measuring performance, as may be necessary, to ensure that the disclosures best serve the goals of: a. providing accurate information that is useful to consumers, and b. providing information that is useful for decision-making purposes. 2. When submitting the fixed broadband ICR for renewal, FCC will report to OMB the results of the above evaluations, the analysis of consumer information, and the conclusions FCC reached on the basis of the information. 3. When submitting the fixed broadband ICR for renewal, FCC will include an estimate of burden associated with fixed disclosures specifically taking into consideration any differences in burden associated with the disclosure of fixed versus mobile broadband data. Currently, FCC’s burden estimate, for the calculation and disclosure of broadband performance data, is the same for fixed and mobile broadband providers.
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