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Approved without change 01/26/2024
Retrieve Notice of Action (NOA) 01/24/2024
OMB approves this emergency request, consistent with the requirements for emergency approval under 5 cfr 1320.13. Recognizing that this emergency collection is experimental and provisional with the understood intention that EIA wants to build to a new standard collection, OMB approves this emergency collection contingent on the commitments identified in Supporting Statements A and/or B and the additional terms spelled out here. these terms include that EIA will cognitively test identified content in parallel with data collected in the 6-month period approved here, and with the understanding that EIA will submit non-substantive change requests to OMB for any changes to methods or content for the current approved collection. In Supporting Statement B, language is clear that survey results from this emergency collection will not be used for population-based inference either by using weighting adjustments or model-based methods, and that the collected data will only be representative of the identified respondents in this market study survey. EIA agrees to publish a notice in the federal register to solicit public comment on this collection for no fewer than 60 days.
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