Agency Rule List - Fall 2018

Social Security Administration

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
SSA Prerule Stage Investigative Policies for Organizational Representative Payees 0960-AH79
SSA Prerule Stage Consideration of Pain in the Adult Disability Determination Process 0960-AI35
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Digestive Disorders, Cardiovascular Disorders, and Skin Disorders 0960-AG65
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Minimum Monthly Withholding Amount for Recovery of Title II Benefit Overpayments (3752P) 0960-AH42
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Prohibiting Persons With Certain Criminal Convictions From Serving as Representative Payees 0960-AH78
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Removing Inability to Communicate in English as an Education Category 0960-AH86
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Use of Electronic Payroll Data To Improve Program Administration 0960-AH88
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Newer and Stronger Penalties (Conforming Changes) 0960-AH91
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Closure of Unintended Loopholes (Conforming Changes to Regulations on Presumed Filing and Voluntary Suspension) 0960-AH93
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act Exemption: Personnel Security and Suitability Program Files 0960-AH97
SSA Proposed Rule Stage References to Social Security and Medicare in Electronic Communications 0960-AI04
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Availability of Information and Records to the Public 0960-AI07
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Setting the Manner for the Appearance of Parties and Witnesses at a Hearing 0960-AI09
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Redeterminations When There Is a Reason To Believe Fraud or Similar Fault Was Involved in an Individual's Application for Benefits 0960-AI10
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Coverage of Employees of State and Local Governments 0960-AI20
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Hearings Held by Administrative Appeals Judges of the Appeals Council 0960-AI25
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Rules Regarding the Frequency and Notice of Continuing Disability Reviews 0960-AI27
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy Redetermination 0960-AI29
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Updates to the Listing of Impairments--Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Speech Disorders, Language Disorders, Visual Disorders, and Hearing Loss 0960-AI30
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Advance Designation of Representative Payees 0960-AI33
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Privacy and Disclosure of Official Records and Information 0960-AI38
SSA Final Rule Stage Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Musculoskeletal Disorders (3318P) 0960-AG38
SSA Final Rule Stage Electronic Interim Assistance Reimbursement Program (3762F) 0960-AH45
SSA Final Rule Stage Privacy Act Exemption: Social Security Administration Violence Evaluation and Reporting System (SSAvers) 0960-AI08
SSA Final Rule Stage Removal of Alternate Participant Program 0960-AI24
SSA Final Rule Stage Income-Related Premium Adjustment for Medicare Parts B and D 0960-AI37