Agency Rule List - Fall 2021

Social Security Administration

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
SSA Prerule Stage Addressing Certain Types of Fraud Affecting Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amounts (IRMAA) 0960-AI55
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Use of Electronic Payroll Data To Improve Program Administration 0960-AH88
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Availability of Information and Records to the Public 0960-AI07
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Allowing Individuals To Rebut Exclusion Of Evidence In Redeterminations When There Is a Reason To Believe Fraud or Similar Fault Was Involved in an Individual's Application for Benefits 0960-AI10
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Updating Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy Redetermination Timeframes 0960-AI29
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Cardiovascular Disorders 0960-AI43
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Civil Monetary Penalties, Assessments, and Recommended Exclusions 0960-AI49
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Reducing the Burden on Families 0960-AI52
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Omitting Food From In-Kind Support and Maintenance Calculations 0960-AI60
SSA Proposed Rule Stage When Social Security Numbers May Be Included on Mailed Documents 0960-AI62
SSA Proposed Rule Stage $20 Tolerance Rule to Establish That the Individual Meets the Pro-Rata Share of Household Expenses When Living in the Household of Another 0960-AI68
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Inquiry About SSI Eligibility at Application Filing Date Which Will Remove the Requirement for a Signed Written Statement and Will Expand Protective Filing 0960-AI69
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Notice of Intended Action Affecting Recipient's Payment Status 0960-AI70
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Manners of Appearance at Hearings 0960-AI71
SSA Final Rule Stage Revised Medical Criteria for Evaluating Digestive Disorders and Skin Disorders 0960-AG65
SSA Final Rule Stage Anti-Fraud System 0960-AI31
SSA Final Rule Stage Extension of Expiration Dates for Four Body System Listings 0960-AI65
SSA Final Rule Stage Extension of Expiration Dates for Three Body Systems 0960-AI66