Agency Rule List - Fall 2023

Social Security Administration

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Use of Electronic Payroll Data To Improve Program Administration 0960-AH88
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Changing our Waiver of Overpayment Recovery Rules 0960-AI76
SSA Proposed Rule Stage Social Security Number Use in Government Records 0960-AI80
SSA Final Rule Stage Availability of Information and Records to the Public 0960-AI07
SSA Final Rule Stage Changes to the Administrative Rules for Claimant Representation and Provisions for Direct Payment to Entities 0960-AI22
SSA Final Rule Stage Omitting Food From In-Kind Support and Maintenance Calculations 0960-AI60
SSA Final Rule Stage Setting the Manner of Appearance of Parties and Witnesses at Hearings 0960-AI71
SSA Final Rule Stage Expand the Definition of a Public Assistance (PA) Household 0960-AI81
SSA Final Rule Stage Nationwide Expansion of the Rental Subsidy Policy for SSI Recipients 0960-AI82
SSA Final Rule Stage Intermediate Improvement to the Disability Adjudication Process, Including How we Consider Past Work 0960-AI83
SSA Final Rule Stage Extension of the Flexibility in Evaluating "Close Proximity of Time" to Evaluate Changes in Healthcare Following the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 0960-AI85