Agency Rule List - Spring 2021

National Credit Union Administration

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
NCUA Prerule Stage Rate Ceiling for Federal Credit Union Loans 3133-AE94
NCUA Prerule Stage Request for Information and Comment on Model Risk Management Support Compliance with BSA/AML and OFAC Requirements 3133-AF33
NCUA Prerule Stage Simplification of Risk Based Capital Requirements 3133-AF35
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Automated Valuation Models 3133-AE23
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Incentive-Based Compensation Arrangements 3133-AE48
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Investment and Deposit Activities 3133-AE63
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Purchase, Sale and Pledge of Loans 3133-AE96
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Compensation in Connection With Loans to Members and Lines of Credit to Members 3133-AE97
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Golden Parachute and Indemnification Payments 3133-AE99
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Complex Credit Union Leverage Ratio 3133-AF12
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards; Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Private Flood Insurance 3133-AF31
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage CAMELS Ratings 3133-AF32
NCUA Proposed Rule Stage Uniform Rules of Practice and Procedure 3133-AF37
NCUA Final Rule Stage Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) 3133-AE95
NCUA Final Rule Stage Transition to the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Methodology 3133-AF03
NCUA Final Rule Stage Combination Transactions With Non-Credit Unions; Credit Union Asset Acquisitions 3133-AF10
NCUA Final Rule Stage Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards; Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Flood Insurance 3133-AF14
NCUA Final Rule Stage Capital Adequacy: Risk-Based Net Worth Requirement (Paycheck Protection Program) 3133-AF16
NCUA Final Rule Stage Central Liquidity Facility 3133-AF18
NCUA Final Rule Stage Temporary Regulatory Relief in Response to COVID-19 Prompt Corrective Action 3133-AF19
NCUA Final Rule Stage Overdraft Policy 3133-AF20
NCUA Final Rule Stage Risk-Based Net Worth - COVID-19 Regulatory Relief (Complex Credit Union Threshold) 3133-AF21
NCUA Final Rule Stage Field of Membership--Shared Facility Requirements 3133-AF23
NCUA Final Rule Stage Bank Secrecy Act 3133-AF25
NCUA Final Rule Stage Mortgage Servicing Rights 3133-AF26
NCUA Final Rule Stage Derivatives 3133-AF29
NCUA Final Rule Stage Capitalization of Interest in Connection With Loan Workouts and Modifications 3133-AF30
NCUA Final Rule Stage Temporary Asset Thresholds 3133-AF36