Agency Rule List - Fall 2017

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
HUD/HUDSEC Proposed Rule Stage Amendments to the HUD Acquisition Regulation HUDAR (FR-6041) 2501-AD85
HUD/HUDSEC Final Rule Stage Streamlining Reporting Requirements for Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Project-Based Assistance Housing and Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Housing (FR-6027) 2501-AD83
HUD/HUDSEC Final Rule Stage Conforming the Lead Disclosure Rule to Include Zero Bedroom Dwellings in the Definition of Target Housing and Making Other Clarifying Changes (FR-6053) 2501-AD84
HUD/OH Proposed Rule Stage Streamlining and Revising HUD's Free Assumability and Conveyance Restrictions for Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Mortgages (FR-6052) 2502-AJ41
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Streamlining Management and Occupancy Reviews for Section 8 Housing Assistance Programs (FR-5654) 2502-AJ22
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Streamlining FHA SF Mortgage Insurance: Removal of the Inspector Roster (FR-5457) 2502-AJ03
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Streamlining FHA Single Family Mortgage Insurance: 10-Year Protection Plan Requirements for High Loan-to-Value Ratio Mortgages Insurance (FR-6029) 2502-AJ40
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Project Approval for Single Family Condominium (FR-5715) 2502-AJ30
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Streamlining Administrative Regulations for Multifamily Housing Programs and Implementing Family Income Reviews Under the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act (FR-5743) 2502-AJ36
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Formaldehyde Emission Controls From Certain Wood Products (FR-6018-I-01) 2502-AJ42
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Manufactured Housing Program: Minimum Payments to the States (FR-5848) 2502-AJ37
HUD/OH Final Rule Stage Exemption of Recreational Vehicles From Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards and Procedural and Enforcement Regulations (FR-5877) 2502-AJ33
HUD/CPD Proposed Rule Stage Streamlining HUD's Consolidated Planning Process (FR-6058) 2506-AC44
HUD/CPD Proposed Rule Stage Conforming the Acceptable Separation Distance (ASD) Standards for Residential Propane Tanks to Industry Standards (FR-6054) 2506-AC45
HUD/HUDIG Final Rule Stage Implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FR-6048-F-01) 2508-AA15
HUD/PIH Proposed Rule Stage Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (FR-6057) 2577-AD03
HUD/PIH Proposed Rule Stage Voluntary Conversions of Public Housing Developments (FR-6056) 2577-AD02
HUD/PIH Proposed Rule Stage Strengthening the Section 184 Indian Housing Loan Guarantee Program 2577-AD01