Agency Rule List - Spring 2022

Department of Homeland Security

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
DHS/OS Long-Term Actions Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance 1601-AA04
DHS/OS Long-Term Actions Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Talent Management System 1601-AA84
DHS/OS Long-Term Actions Minimum Standards for Driver's Licenses and Identification Cards Acceptable by Federal Agencies for Official Purposes 1601-AB03
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Application of the Serious Nonpolitical Crime Bar to Asylum and Withholding of Removal for Recruitment or Use of Child Soldiers 1615-AB79
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Requirements for Filing Motions and Administrative Appeals 1615-AB98
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Temporary Non-Agricultural Employment of H-2B Nonimmigrants in the United States 1615-AC06
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Updated English Language Proficiency Requirements for Certain Foreign Health Workers 1615-AC16
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Employment Authorization for Battered Spouses of Certain Nonimmigrants 1615-AC17
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Improvements to the Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions Processing 1615-AC23
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Procedures for Reasonable Fear Determinations 1615-AC24
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Implementation of the Northern Mariana Islands U.S. Workforce Act of 2018 1615-AC28
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Privacy Act of 1974: Implementation of Exemptions; Department of Homeland Security/U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services-018 Immigration Biometric and Background Check (IBBC) System of Records 1615-AC29
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Implementing a Known Employer Program for Certain Employment-Based Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visa Classification 1615-AC35
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Strengthening the L-1 Nonimmigrant Classification 1615-AC45
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Discretionary Employment Authorization for U Nonimmigrants 1615-AC53
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Asylum Interview Interpreter Requirement Modification Due to COVID-19 1615-AC59
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions International Entrepreneur Program: Automatic Increase of Investment and Revenue Amount Requirements 1615-AC75
DHS/USCIS Long-Term Actions Modernization and Reform of the H-2 Programs 1615-AC76
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Safety Zone Regulations 1625-AA00
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Special Anchorage Areas and Anchorage Grounds Regulations 1625-AA01
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Regatta and Marine Parade Regulations 1625-AA08
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Drawbridge Regulations 1625-AA09
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Regulated Navigation Areas 1625-AA11
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Commercial Diving Operations 1625-AA21
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Security Zone Regulations 1625-AA87
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Assessment Framework and Organizational Restatement Regarding Preemption for Certain Regulations Issued by the Coast Guard 1625-AB32
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Revision to Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Requirements for Mariners 1625-AB80
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Commercial Fishing Vessels--Implementation of 2010 and 2012 Legislation 1625-AB85
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010: Implementation 1625-AB91
DHS/USCG Long-Term Actions Maritime Security--Vessel Personnel Security Training 1625-AC36
DHS/USCBP Long-Term Actions Importer Security Filing and Additional Carrier Requirements 1651-AA70
DHS/USCBP Long-Term Actions Implementation of the Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Program 1651-AA77
DHS/USCBP Long-Term Actions Clarification of Countries and Geographic Areas Eligible for Participation in the Guam-Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Visa Waiver Program 1651-AA81
DHS/USCBP Long-Term Actions Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI)--Noncompliant Traveler Fee 1651-AB06
DHS/USCBP Long-Term Actions Collection of Biometric Data From Noncitizens Upon Entry To and Exit From the United States 1651-AB12
DHS/TSA Long-Term Actions Surface Transportation Vulnerability Assessments and Security Plans 1652-AA56
DHS/TSA Long-Term Actions Amending Vetting Requirements for Employees With Access to a Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) 1652-AA70
DHS/FEMA Long-Term Actions Disaster Assistance; Public Assistance Repetitive Damage 1660-AA47
DHS/FEMA Long-Term Actions National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); Revisions to Methodology for Payments to Write Your Own (WYO) Companies 1660-AA90
DHS/FEMA Long-Term Actions Cost of Assistance Estimates in the Disaster Declaration Process for the Public Assistance Program 1660-AA99
DHS/FEMA Long-Term Actions RFI National Flood Insurance Program's Floodplain Management Standards for Land Management & Use, & an Assessment of the Program's Impact on Threatened and Endangered Species & Their Habitats 1660-AB11
DHS/CISA Long-Term Actions Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) 1670-AA01