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RIN Agency Rule Title Status Concluded Date Conclusion Action
11/26/2021 2577-AD09 2577-HUD/PIH Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act -- Changes to Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program (FR-6114) Pending Review
11/26/2021 1904-AD97 1904-DOE/EE Energy Conservation Standards for Room Air Conditioners Pending Review
11/24/2021 0938-AU30 0938-HHS/CMS Contract Year 2023 Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Programs (CMS-4192) Pending Review
11/24/2021 0938-AT91 0938-HHS/CMS Most Favored Nation (MFN) Model (CMS-5528) Pending Review
11/24/2021 2127-AM33 2127-DOT/NHTSA Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Preemption Pending Review
11/22/2021 2900-AR16 2900-VA Staff Sergeant Parker Gordon Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program Pending Review
11/20/2021 2060-AS26 2060-EPA/OAR Addition of 1-bromopropane to Clean Air Act Section 112 HAP List Pending Review
11/20/2021 2040-ZA39 2040-EPA/OW 2022 National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activities Pending Review
11/19/2021 0790-ZA16 0790-DOD/OS Guidance on Procedures and Processes for Submitting Undue Hardship Waivers Pending Review
11/18/2021 0906-AB28 0906-HHS/HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Program; Administrative Dispute Resolution Pending Review
11/17/2021 0910-AI13 0910-HHS/FDA Nutrient Content Claims, Definition of Term: Healthy Pending Review
11/17/2021 2502-AJ59 2502-HUD/OH Increased 40-year Term for Loan Modifications (FR-6263) Pending Review
11/16/2021 0579-AE61 0579-USDA/APHIS Establishing AWA Standards for Birds Pending Review
11/16/2021 2070-AL00 2070-EPA/OCSPP Pesticides; Certification of Pesticide Applicators; Extension of Deadline for Approval of Certification Plans Pending Review
11/16/2021 0694-AI65 0694-DOC/BIS Revision of Controls for Cambodia under the Export Administration Regulations Pending Review
11/16/2021 1400-AF47 1400-STATE International Traffic in Arms Regulations: Addition of Cambodia to List of Proscribed Countries Pending Review
11/15/2021 0938-AU44 0938-HHS/CMS Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems for Acute Care Hospitals; the Long-Term Care Hospital Prospective Payment System; and FY 2022 Rates (CMS-1752) Pending Review
11/15/2021 1904-AE85 1904-DOE/EE Showerhead Definition Rule Pending Review
11/10/2021 1505-AC77 1505-TREAS/DO Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Pending Review
11/10/2021 1506-AB49 1506-TREAS/FINCEN Section 6403. Corporate Transparency Act Pending Review
11/10/2021 2900-AP02 2900-VA Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs Pending Review
11/10/2021 2060-AV13 2060-EPA/OAR Revised 2023 and Later Model Year Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards Pending Review
11/10/2021 1210-ZA30 1210-DOL/EBSA Possible Agency Actions to Protect Life Savings and Pensions from Threats of Climate-Related Financial Risk Pending Review
11/10/2021 0938-AT97 0938-HHS/CMS Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage Program and Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program; MOOP and Cost Sharing Limits (CMS-4190) Pending Review
11/09/2021 0938-AU65 0938-HHS/CMS HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2023 (CMS-9911) Pending Review
11/09/2021 2040-AG15 2040-EPA/OW Final Lead and Copper Rule Revisions; Proposed Delay in the Effective and Compliance Dates Pending Review
11/08/2021 2105-AE89 2105-DOT/OST Accessible Lavatories on Single-Aisle Aircraft: Part II Pending Review
11/08/2021 1400-AE00 1400-STATE Public Access to Information: Amendments Pursuant to the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016, and Other Changes Pending Review
11/02/2021 0910-AH11 0910-HHS/FDA National Standards for the Licensure of Wholesale Drug Distributors and Third-Party Logistics Providers Pending Review
11/02/2021 3045-AA77 3045-CNCS Employee Indemnification Regulations Pending Review
11/01/2021 1245-AA12 1245-DOL/OLMS Form T-1: Reports by Labor Organizations on Related Organizations Pending Review
10/26/2021 2137-AF31 2137-DOT/PHMSA Pipeline Safety: Coastal Ecological Unusually Sensitive Areas Pending Review
10/22/2021 2060-AU69 2060-EPA/OAR Control of Air Pollution From Aircraft Engines: Emission Standards and Test Procedures Pending Review
10/18/2021 0938-AU17 0938-HHS/CMS Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) Policy Issues and Level II of the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) (CMS-1738) Pending Review
10/15/2021 0970-AC74 0970-HHS/ACF Updating Refugee Resettlement Program Requirements Pending Review
10/06/2021 0970-AC84 0970-HHS/ACF Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund Eligibility Requirements Pending Review
10/06/2021 1904-AD49 1904-DOE/EE Energy Conservation Standards for Pool Heaters Pending Review
10/04/2021 3206-AO00 3206-OPM The Fair Chance Act Pending Review
10/01/2021 1218-AD40 1218-DOL/OSHA Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses Pending Review
09/30/2021 0560-AI59 0560-USDA/FSA Supplemental Dairy Margin Coverage Payments; Conservation Reserve Program; Dairy Indemnity Payment Program; Marketing Assistance Loans; Loan Deficiency Payments; Oriental Fruit Fly Program; and FSFL Pending Review
09/29/2021 2040-AF89 2040-EPA/OW Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 5) for Public Water Systems Pending Review
09/29/2021 1205-AC02 1205-DOL/ETA Wagner-Peyser Act Staffing Pending Review
09/28/2021 1660-ZA23 1660-DHS/FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance: Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Pending Review
09/23/2021 3206-AO23 3206-OPM Probation on Initial Appointment to a Competitive Position; Performance-Based Reduction In Grade and Removal Actions; and Adverse Actions Pending Review
09/21/2021 1904-AF09 1904-DOE/EE Backstop Requirement for General Service Lamps Pending Review
09/21/2021 1625-ZA42 1625-DHS/USCG Type-approval Testing Methods for Ballast Water Management Systems that Render Nonviable Organisms in Ballast Water. Pending Review
09/20/2021 0930-AA37 0930-HHS/SAMHSA Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs--Oral/Fluid Pending Review
09/20/2021 0930-AA36 0930-HHS/SAMHSA Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs--Urine Pending Review
09/20/2021 3090-AK39 3090-GSA General Services Acquisition Regulation (GSAR); GSAR Case 2021–G522, Contract Requirements for High-Security Leased Space Pending Review
09/20/2021 3090-AK42 3090-GSA Federal Management Regulation (FMR); FMR Case 2021-102-1, Real Estate Acquisition Pending Review
09/20/2021 1904-AE44 1904-DOE/EE Energy Efficiency Standards for New Federal Commercial and Multi-Family High-Rise Residential Buildings Baseline Standards Update Pending Review
09/20/2021 1904-AF04 1904-DOE/EE Energy Efficiency Standards for the Design and Construction of New Federal Low-Rise Residential Buildings Pending Review
09/15/2021 0720-AB77 0720-DOD/DODOASHA TRICARE: Chiropractic and Acupuncture Treatment Under the TRICARE Program Pending Review
09/10/2021 1400-AE63 1400-STATE Economic and Other Functions: Electronic Filing of Trade Documents for Shrimp and Products From Shrimp Pending Review
09/02/2021 1625-AB92 1625-DHS/USCG Deepwater Ports Pending Review
08/31/2021 2900-AQ90 2900-VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities: The Digestive System Pending Review
08/26/2021 2060-AV11 2060-EPA/OAR Renewable Fuel Standard Program: Annual Volumes and Percentage Standards Pending Review
08/25/2021 1400-AE76 1400-STATE International Traffic in Arms Regulations: Activities Not Exports, Re-Exports, or Transfers Pending Review
08/24/2021 1400-AE03 1400-STATE Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Programs or Activities Conducted by the Department of State Pending Review
08/24/2021 2040-ZA32 2040-EPA/OW EPA's Policy on the Determination of Harmful Algal Blooms and Hypoxia Events of National Significance (HHENS) in Freshwater Systems Pending Review
08/23/2021 1400-AF09 1400-STATE Department of State Acquisition Regulations: Name Check Vetting in Contracts and Grants Pending Review
08/13/2021 2050-AH12 2050-EPA/OLEM Integrating e-Manifest With Exports and Other Manifest-Related Reports, PCB Manifest Amendments, and Technical Corrections Pending Review
08/09/2021 0648-AV85 0648-DOC/NOAA Regulatory Review and Update of National Marine Sanctuary Program Regulations Pending Review
08/06/2021 3206-AO26 3206-OPM Elijah E. Cummings Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination Act of 2020 Pending Review
08/03/2021 2060-AV12 2060-EPA/OAR NESHAP: Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units--Reconsideration of Supplemental Cost Finding and Residual Risk and Technology Review Pending Review
07/30/2021 2900-AQ72 2900-VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities--Ear, Nose, Throat, and Audiology Disabilities; Special Provisions Regarding Evaluation of Respiratory Conditions; Respiratory System Pending Review
07/13/2021 0648-ZC29 0648-DOC/NOAA NOAA Draft Policy for Hypoxia and Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Events of National Significance in Marine or Coastal Waters Pending Review
07/08/2021 0710-AB31 0710-DOD/COE Credit Assistance for Water Resources Infrastructure Projects Pending Review
07/01/2021 2900-AQ30 2900-VA Modifying Copayments for Veterans at High Risk for Suicide Pending Review
06/25/2021 0575-ZA05 0575-USDA/RHS Single Family Housing Guaranteed Origination Pending Review
05/04/2021 1515-AE36 1515-TREAS/CUSTOMS Merchandise Produced by Convict or Forced Labor or Indentured Labor Under Penal Sanctions Pending Review
04/05/2021 0910-ZA88 0910-HHS/FDA Inorganic Arsenic in Apple Juice: Action Level; Guidance for Industry Pending Review
03/30/2021 0910-ZA87 0910-HHS/FDA Action Levels for Lead in Juice; Draft Guidance for Industry Pending Review
06/11/2018 1660-AA91 1660-DHS/FEMA Update to FEMA's Regulations on Rulemaking Procedures Pending Review