Agency Rule List - Fall 2022

Office of Personnel Management

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Selective Service Registration 3206-AO37
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Rule of Many 3206-AN80
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Evacuation During a Public Health Emergency or Pandemic Health Crisis 3206-AO34
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Compensation During an Evacuation or Authorized Departure 3206-AO35
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Recruitment, Relocation, and Retention Incentives 3206-AO36
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Designating National Security Positions 3206-AN68
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Federal Employees' Retirement System Annuity Supplement 3206-AN74
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Request for Information; Advanced Explanation of Benefits and Good Faith Estimate for Covered Individuals 3206-AO45
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Federal Employee Health Benefits Program: Modification of Effective Date Of Coverage For Newly Eligible Employees 3206-AO47
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Social Security Number Fraud Prevention 3206-AO16
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Pathways Programs 3206-AO25
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Advancing Pay Equity in Governmentwide Pay Systems 3206-AO39
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Garnishment Regulations 3206-AO41
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Suitability and Fitness Vetting 3206-AO17
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Credentialing 3206-AO11
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Debt Collection for Civil Service Retirement System and Federal Employees Retirement System 3206-AO32
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Members of Congress and Congressional Employees 3206-AO42
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Federal Executive Boards 3206-AO44
OPM Proposed Rule Stage Independent Dispute Resolution Operations (CMS-9897) 3206-AO48
OPM Final Rule Stage Program Fraud Civil Remedies: Civil Monetary Penalty Inflation Adjustment 3206-AN39
OPM Final Rule Stage Appointment of Current and Former Land Management Employees 3206-AN28
OPM Final Rule Stage Hiring Authority for College Graduates 3206-AN79
OPM Final Rule Stage Scheduling of Annual Leave by Employees Determined Necessary to Respond to Certain National Emergencies 3206-AO04
OPM Final Rule Stage Elijah E. Cummings Federal Employee Anti-Discrimination Act of 2020 3206-AO26
OPM Final Rule Stage Requirements Related to Air Ambulance, and Agent, and Broker Services, and Provider Enforcement 3206-AO28
OPM Final Rule Stage Hiring Authority for Post-Secondary Students 3206-AN86
OPM Final Rule Stage Recruitment and Selection Through Competitive Examination 3206-AO24
OPM Final Rule Stage Paid Parental Leave and Miscellaneous Family and Medical Leave Act 3206-AN96
OPM Final Rule Stage Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs 3206-AO00
OPM Final Rule Stage Postal Service Health Benefits Program 3206-AO43
OPM Final Rule Stage FEDVIP: Extension of Eligibility to Certain Employees on Temporary Appointments and Certain Employees on Seasonal and Intermittent Schedules; Enrollment Clarifications and Qualifying Life Events 3206-AN91
OPM Final Rule Stage Prevailing Rate Systems; Definition of San Mateo County, California, to a Nonappropriated Fund Federal Wage System Wage Area 3206-AO46