Agency Rule List - Fall 2023

Department of Defense

Agency Agenda Stage of Rulemaking Title RIN
DOD/AF Proposed Rule Stage Administrative Claims 0701-AA87
DOD/AF Proposed Rule Stage Wake Island Code 0701-AA93
DOD/AF Final Rule Stage Department of Defense Commercial Air Transportation Quality and Safety Review Program 0701-AA88
DOD/DOA Proposed Rule Stage Loan of Army Materiel 0702-AB13
DOD/NAVY Proposed Rule Stage Professional Conduct of Attorneys Practicing Under the Cognizance and Supervision of the Judge Advocate General 0703-AB19
DOD/NAVY Proposed Rule Stage Naval Defensive Sea Areas 0703-AB24
DOD/NAVY Proposed Rule Stage Board for Correction of Naval Records 0703-AB29
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification For Department of the Army Permits 0710-AB21
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage Policy and Procedures for Processing Requests to Alter US Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Projects Pursuant to 33 U.S.C. 408 0710-AB22
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage Clean Water Act Section 401: Water Quality Certification for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Projects 0710-AB27
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage Floodplain Management Services Program Establishment of Fees for Cost Recovery 0710-AB33
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage Flood Control Cost-Sharing Requirements Under the Ability to Pay Provision 0710-AB34
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage USACE Implementing Procedures for Principles, Requirements, and Guidelines Applicable to Actions Involving Investment in Water Resources 0710-AB41
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage Appendix C Procedures for the Protection of Historic Properties 0710-AB46
DOD/COE Proposed Rule Stage Reissuance and Modification of Nationwide Permit 12 0710-AB51
DOD/COE Final Rule Stage Natural Disaster Procedures: Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Activities of the Corps of Engineers 0710-AA78
DOD/COE Final Rule Stage Civil Monetary Penalty Inflation Adjustment Rule (2024) 0710-AB54
DOD/DODOASHA Final Rule Stage Reserve and Guard Family Member Benefits; Early Eligibility TRICARE and Transitional Assistance Management Program for Certain RC Members; Extended TRICARE Program Coverage for Certain NG Members 0720-AB76
DOD/DODOASHA Final Rule Stage TRICARE Coverage of Clinical Trials and Termination of Expanded Access Treatments 0720-AB83
DOD/DODOASHA Final Rule Stage Enrollment Fee and Cost Sharing Under TRICARE Prime and Select for Retirees and Their Dependents 0720-AB84
DOD/DODOASHA Final Rule Stage Expanding TRICARE Access to Care in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 0720-AB85
DOD/DODOASHA Final Rule Stage Collection From Third Party Payers of Reasonable Charges for Healthcare Services; Amendment 0720-AB87
DOD/DODOASHA Final Rule Stage TRICARE; Removal of Certain Temporary Regulation Changes Made in Response to COVID-19 0720-AB89
DOD/DARC Prerule Stage Rights in Technical Data (DFARS Case 2019-D044) 0750-AK82
DOD/DARC Prerule Stage Modular Open Systems Approaches (DFARS Case 2021-D005) 0750-AL24
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Disclosure of Information Regarding Foreign Obligations (DFARS Case 2018-D064) 0750-AK23
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Inapplicability of Additional Defense-Unique Laws and Certain Non-Statutory DFARS Clauses to Commercial Item Contracts (DFARS Case 2018-D074) 0750-AK33
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Preference for Commercial Construction Services (DFARS Case 2019-D034) 0750-AK72
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Uniform Use of Line Items (DFARS Case 2019-D038) 0750-AK78
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Negotiation of Price for Technical Data and Preference for Specially Negotiated Licenses (DFARS Case 2018-D071) 0750-AK79
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Assessing Contractor Implementation of Cybersecurity Requirements (DFARS Case 2019-D041) 0750-AK81
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Gross Violations of Internationally Recognized Human Rights (DFARS Case 2020-D015) 0750-AL01
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Modification of Notification of Intent to Transport Supplies By Sea (DFARS Case 2020-D026) 0750-AL12
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Use of DoD Program Nomenclature (DFARS Case 2021-D002) 0750-AL21
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Restriction on Certain Items Containing Perfluorooctane Sulfonate or Perfluorooctanoic Acid (DFARS Case 2021-D004) 0750-AL23
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Definition of Material Weakness (DFARS Case 2021-D006) 0750-AL25
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Mitigating Risks Related to Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (DFARS Case 2021-D011) 0750-AL30
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Preference for United States Vessels in Transporting Supplies by Sea (DFARS Case 2021-D020) 0750-AL38
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Limitation on the Acquisition of Certain Goods Other Than United States Goods (DFARS Case 2021-D022) 0750-AL40
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Beneficial Ownership Information Requirements (DFARS Case 2021-D026) 0750-AL44
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Cost and Software Data Reporting for Major Weapon Systems (DFARS Case 2021-D028) 0750-AL47
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage DoD Cost or Pricing Data Reporting Requirements (DFARS Case 2022-D004) 0750-AL55
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Technology Protection Features Activities (DFARS Case 2022-D005) 0750-AL56
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Modifications to Printed Circuit Board Acquisition Restrictions (DFARS Case 2022-D011) 0750-AL62
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Assuring Integrity of Overseas Fuel Supplies (DFARS Case 2022-D013) 0750-AL64
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Modification of Prize Authority For Advanced Technology Achievements (DFARS Case 2022-D014) 0750-AL65
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Update of Challenge Period for Validation of Asserted Restrictions on Technical Data and Computer Software (DFARS Case 2022-D016) 0750-AL67
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Data Universal Numbering System to Unique Entity Identifier Transition (DFARS Case 2022-D023) 0750-AL70
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Restriction on DoD Procurement of Turnout Gear for Firefighters Containing Perfluoroalkyl or Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (DFARS Case 2023-D002) 0750-AL75
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Procurement Requirements for Rare Earth Elements and Strategic Critical Materials (DFARS Case 2023-D003) 0750-AL76
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Accountability for Department of Defense Contractors Using Military Working Dogs (DFARS Case 2023-D004) 0750-AL77
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Task Order and Delivery Order Contracting for Architectural and Engineering Services (DFARS Case 2023-D007) 0750-AL80
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Treatment of Certain Clauses Implementing Executive Orders (DFARS Case 2023-D008) 0750-AL81
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Use of Fixed-Price Contracts for Certain Major Defense Acquisition Programs (DFARS Case 2023-D009) 0750-AL82
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Data Requirements for Commercial Products for Major Weapon Systems (DFARS Case 2023-D010) 0750-AL83
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage DoD Mentor-Protege Program (DFARS Case 2023-D011) 0750-AL84
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Prohibition on Procurement of Foreign-Made Unmanned Aircraft Systems (DFARS Case 2023-D012) 0750-AL85
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Modification of Cooperative Research and Development Project Authority (DFARS Case 2023-D013) 0750-AL86
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Strategic and Critical Materials Stockpiling Act Reform (DFARS Case 2023-D014) 0750-AL87
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Acquisitions for Foreign Military Sales and Transportation (DFARS Case 2023-D016) 0750-AL90
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Pilot Program to Incentivize Contracting With Employee-Owned Businesses (DFARS Case 2023-D017) 0750-AL94
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Cyber-related Contract Training and Certification Requirements (DFARS Case 2023-D021) 0750-AL95
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Department of Defense Catalog Data Standard (2023-D019) 0750-AL96
DOD/DARC Proposed Rule Stage Open Market Micro-purchase Representation (2023-D018) 0750-AL97
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Past Performance of Subcontractors and Joint Venture Partners (DFARS Case 2018-D055) 0750-AK16
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Small Business Innovation Research Program Data Rights (DFARS Case 2019-D043) 0750-AK84
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Replacement of Fluorinated Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (DFARS Case 2020-D011) 0750-AK98
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Transfer and Adoption of Military Animals (DFARS Case 2020-D021) 0750-AL07
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Consolidation of DoD Government Property Clauses (DFARS Case 2020-D029) 0750-AL14
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Restriction on Certain Metal Products (DFARS Case 2021-D015) 0750-AL33
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Limitations on Certain Institutes of Higher Education (DFARS Case 2021-D023) 0750-AL41
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage NIST SP 800-171 DoD Assessment Requirements (DFARS Case 2022-D017) 0750-AL68
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage DFARS Buy American Act Requirements (DFARS Case 2022-D019) 0750-AL74
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Notification for Contractor Employee Complainants (DFARS Case 2023-D020) 0750-AL91
DOD/DARC Final Rule Stage Trade Agreements Thresholds (DFARS Case 2023-D023) 0750-AL92
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Transactions Other Than Contracts, Grants, or Cooperative Agreements for Prototype Projects 0790-AK98
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Military Personnel and Pay Data System, DoD-00XX) 0790-AL30
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage General Matters 0790-AL40
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Recruitment and Accession Records, DoD-00XX) 0790-AL47
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Program 0790-AL49
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM); Second Amendment 0790-AL52
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Operations Records, DoD-00XX) 0790-AL53
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Defense Corrections System and Parole Board Records, DoD-00XX) 0790-AL55
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Defense Health Agency Suspension and Department Records, EDHA 27) 0790-AL59
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Stars and Stripes Media Organization 0790-AL63
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Defense Family Advocacy Program Records, DoD-00XX) 0790-AL65
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Defense Safety and Occupational Health, DoD-00XX) 0790-AL66
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Counterintelligence Investigations and Collection, DoD-00XX) 0790-AL67
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage Medical Malpractice Claims by Members of the Uniformed Services 0790-AL70
DOD/OS Proposed Rule Stage DoD Assistance to Non-Government, Entertainment-Oriented Media Productions 0790-AL71
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Traffic and Vehicle Control on Certain Defense Mapping Agency Sites 0790-AK14
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage DoD Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program; Amendment 0790-AK54
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Investigating and Processing Certain Noncontractual Claims and Reporting Related Litigation 0790-AK75
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Department of Defense (DoD)-Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Cybersecurity (CS) Activities 0790-AK86
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Commissary Credit and Debit Card User Fee 0790-AK92
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage DoD Guidance Documents 0790-AL39
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Definitions of Gold Star Family and Gold Star Survivor 0790-AL56
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage DoD Discharge Appeal Review Board (DARB) 0790-AL57
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage HAVANA Act Implementation 0790-AL61
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Implementation (Information Technology Access and Audit Records, DoD-0019) 0790-AL64
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Privacy Act of 1974; Rule Rescindment 0790-AL69
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Civil Monetary Penalty Inflation Adjustment 0790-AL72
DOD/OS Final Rule Stage Privacy Act Exemption Rule for All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) Report System 0790-AL77